What do we do?

How does it work?


Moodify develops advanced scent solutions.

Our Moodifiers harness the power of implicit and explicit olfactory memories by emitting safe, non-intrusive signals that have an immediate impact on our emotional and physiological condition, for example, by blocking bad odors, decreasing stress or jolting us awake.

Our active scents are based on over 10 years of research on chemo-signals at the Neurobiology department in Weizmann Institute of Science. 

At the back of our nose is a strip of tissue called olfactory epithelium. It has millions of sensory neurons that are each keyed to receive only one or two types of odors. When we sniff a scent, the odors are transmitted as odorants patterns to the brain where they are organized to become smells.
Certain scents have a physiological effect on us. These scents are called chemo-signals and they deliver messages to our brain as a kind of communication. When we smell these specific scents, we react even without us consciously noticing them.

Our Moodifiers

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Moodify White

Moodify White is based on a unique technology that can eliminate the perception of unpleasant odors (like what white noise does for audio). Read More

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Moodify Blue is a natural compound that has a proven effect of reducing stress and aggressiveness and can also help improve quality of sleep.



Moodify Red is a natural compound based on human pheromones that has a proven effect of improving awareness and increasing alertness