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What do we do?


Moodify develops solutions for the digitization of scent design and communication.

Our vision is to transform scent to become as easy to control and distribute as video and audio so that scent products will be available for consumers everywhere and in affordable prices. To fulfill its vision, Moodify is not only developing a full stack of algorithmic language to mathematically express and efficiently reconstruct scent in a consumer device; but also establishing the protocol and software standard for digital scent communication.


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Malodor control

Moodify’s malodor control technology powers software, enabling fragrance design professionals to easily create highly efficacious malodor control solutions that easily integrate into any consumer product category: homecare, fabric care, beauty care, food, tobacco, and automotive. Moodify’s software is fast, safe, and is easy to use.  In addition, is composition-flexible and so easily meets the engineering and regulatory constraints of the client’s application


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Moodify’s (re)formulator software empowers fragrance and flavor design professionals to easily maintain and improve consumer-loved scents and aromas despite regulatory, supply chain, cost, and sustainability constraints. With Moodify’s software, pressure to reduce costs, unforeseeable compound shortages, and aggressive regulation will hardly affect consumer scent experiences


Digital Scent ST

For a future in which scent is an integral part of any digital experience just like audio and video, Moodify develops a complete software stack: standard scent communication protocol, API, chemical specification, and hardware control tools.

Device and content developers can utilize the golden-standard software protocol to digitally create and control olfactory experiences for consumers in smart homes, mobile, laptops, AR/VR, and console devices. 

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