White Scent

Experience groundbreaking digital malodor control technology that utilizes Scent Language Standards and Scent AI. Our pioneering solution generates a masking formula swiftly upon submitting a target malodor, offering unrivaled speed in development, product efficacy, and cost control
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Malodor Control Technology Delivers World-leading Malodor Efficacy & Efficiency
Easily specify target malodors as chemical compounds or odor profiles within your work processes. Our solutions are derived from a user-defined inventory palette, without external dependencies.
Built for Control
Effortlessly substitute suboptimal components and control specific component concentrations. Exclude or enforce particular components and leverage perfumer discretion for optimal results.
Receive formulas directly into your inventory palette, automatically excluding or including components as needed.
Compliance Serving
Integrate cost, regulation, supply chain and application engineering considerations into formular requirements to automatically meet corporate constraints.
Moodify White is used for various solutions in the home & personal care industry