The scensory
world needs

This is just the beginning of the scent tech
renaissance. In the near future we will teleport
scent just like we stream voice, and send
scent messages just like emojis.
Meet our Pioneering Scent Magicians
Eyal Maor
A scent that makes me smile: Summer Rain
Yaniv Mama
Co Founder & CTO
A scent that makes me smile: My dog Tiger
Yigal Sharon
Co Founder & Chairman
A scent that makes me smile: Lychee
Adam Shahaf
A scent that makes me smile: Avocado
Kiril Kiriyevsky
A scent that makes me smile: Ocean
Emilia Dariel
Head of Marketing
A scent that makes me smile: Rose
Idan Amit
Head of AI
A scent that makes me smile: Chocolate
Klio Maniati
Chief Perfumer
A scent that makes me smile: Paris
We value
to see what others don’t dream is possible, and how to make it happen
to amaze people & transform industries with scentory experiences
concepts & technologies that will enable a magical scent-enriched future
proudly sharing and empowering others with science & technology
About us

Moodify Scent Technologies enable brands and fragrance houses to create & control scent experiences for their products. Scents developed with Moodify technologies have radically reduced time and cost to market, enabling scalable, sustainable and compliant production.

Moodify’s multi-patented Scent AI™ technologies combine deep scent industry expertise with advanced machine learning, physics, chemistry and neuroscience to crack the code to dynamic scent development and delivery.

Moodify solutions include Malodor Control for packaged goods, places and pets, and Reformulations for personal care and home care. Moodify also partners with product innovators from entertainment to retail to consumer electronics, creating new dynamic scent experiences that their customers will love.

Moodify technologies are based on tight collaboration with the Weizman Olfactory Research Group, combining over a decade of academic research with cutting-edge industry knowledge in computer science, material science, and fragrance design.

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