White Accord (Olfactory White)

Eliminate bad smells with an AI – Moodify’s innovative solution with integrated regulations and pricing optimization functions, that enables a quick, highly effective, and ingredient-flexible malodor control accord formulation process. Based on mathematical model developed by Prof. Sobel from Weizmann Institute of Science (top olfactory lab) and patented in 2018.

The theory is based on the proven hypothesis that set of smell molecules which is well-distributed in odour space and have similar odor intensity prevents the perception of any other defined malodor. The accord formula is created automatically and allows the perfumer to refine it in accordance with his own preferences.
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Malodor accord technology provides an alternative approach for creation of malodor control solution
Based on perceptual mapping of odor space
The unique algorithm is based on quantitative and perceptual data of perfumery raw materials. This approach allows us to receive the desired properties with higher accuracy.
Customized bases/accords
Dedicated client interface with flexible features enabling perfumer’s input and preferences.
Approved by industry leaders
Moodify offers a malodor accord technology to solve defined client requests with proven experience, working with industry leader P&G and other leading CPGs and fragrance houses. P&G is the first client to license the software, recently renewing for an additional year.
Full service
From brief to validation of accord samples, to accord production by renowned fragrance house.
White Accord is used for various solutions in the home & personal care industry