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Scent the Future : Unveiling the New Moodify

The full story behind our rebranding process



When you catch a glimpse of the fresh and vibrant new Moodify website, you will immediately notice the colorful new logo, icons, visuals, and exciting new sections showcasing our products, solutions, and technologies that we couldn’t wait to share with the world.

But to me, the new Moodify is more than just a rebranding – it represents a transformative journey. I feel privileged to share the story of our rebranding process and the amazing discoveries we made about our unique brand.

Refining our Strategic Messaging

Our first step in the process was refining our strategic messaging. We wanted to showcase our unique technology and our distinctive position in the market while also connecting the dots between our various products and solutions.

Throughout the process, we realized that our scent technology is our magical power and a significant advantage. Our uniquely valuable technology makes the impossible finally possible.

The experience we enable – THIS is our promise.

Scent Tech Revolution

Scent Technology encompasses early components, such as digital scents, and manual predecessors like scent diffusers. Our technology at Moodify empowers the growing dynamic scent ecosystem, enabling new dynamic scent development and experiences.

Moodify’s multi-patented Scent AI (SAI™) combines deep scent industry experience with advanced machine learning technology, physics, chemistry, and neuroscience to crack the code to dynamic scent development and delivery.

The new Scent Language Standard (SLS™) enables the development and delivery of a wide range of commercial and consumer scent experiences.

We are at the beginning of a new era – the 4th dimension era – and we are creating a new category: Scent Technology.

Fostering New Industry Paradigms

Scent tech will foster new industry and product paradigms, including:

  • Scent development (dynamic scent development for a range of products)
  • Scent broadcast (one to many)
  • Scent streaming (dynamic one to many)
  • Scent social (many to many)

As we grow and as the market matures, the entire scent ecosystem will evolve with new products, services, business models, and behavior.

Empowering Innovation and Imagination

Scent technology will empower product innovators to add a new dimension to their creations, enable new industries (scent printers for commercial, industrial, entertainment, and more), and enhance supply-chain agility to protect markets, build markets, and reduce dependencies on big, old industry bottlenecks.

At Moodify, we are the scent tech pioneers, establishing the core that will power far more than our own product offerings. We are creating an immersive brand experience by enabling dynamic scent experience technologies. We believe it’s time to bring the scent industry into the technology era, and this is just the beginning of the scent revolution.

Now that we have this profound understanding, we want to get the message out loud and clear to companies and teams who know that their product scent experience is a key to their product’s success.

This led us to our new positioning and leading marketing messages:


Develop & Deliver New Scent Experiences with Moodify’s Scent AI™

Moodify is revolutionizing industries that rely upon or are enhanced by scent experiences with the new standard in scent-tech development and delivery.

We Teleport Scent

This is just the beginning of the scent tech revolution. Soon, we will teleport scent just like we stream voice and send scent messages just like emojis.

A Brand Is Born: A Logo that Reflects Transformation

We wanted our brand look & feel to incorporate our new values:

  • Dynamic transformation – a core visual & conceptual theme
  • Vision – see what others don’t dream is possible, and how to make it happen
  • Beliefs – that dynamic scent experiences will be a dimension of every product and service
  • Innovation – continuously pioneering the concepts, language, and technologies that will enable the scent ecosystem to create the magical future of scent experiences
  • Knowledge – proudly sharing the science & technology creating the magic
  • Delightful – wanting to amaze you, to lure you back for more

Our magical designers at nameless space studio reimagined Moodify’s entire graphic language to align with our new strategic messaging and positioning. This revamp includes our logo, color palette, icons, typography, imagery, and more.

Our new logo encapsulates the creation of dynamic scent experiences and teleporting scent, perfectly capturing the essence of Moodify’s mission, vision, and values to create a unique brand that merges scent and tech.

Introducing the New Moodify

Our new website embodies the essence of Moodify: Dynamic scent experiences. We are incredibly proud of the outcome!

This is just the beginning of the scent tech revolution: In the near future, we will broadcast scent just like we broadcast voice, and send scent messages just like we send video.

I am truly excited to finally share our new brand and voice, and I can’t wait for what’s next…

And now – explore our new website!



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