Sustainable Perfumes

Sustainable Perfumes: AI Reformulation for a Greener Future
Our AI based reformulation engine is ready to go and is now tested by global perfume houses.
The revolutionary capability moodify created is a Cost Effective Reformulation Tool, allowing to reformulate Scent formulas with a press of a button.
The Hidden Cost of Fragrance
perfumes used in fabric softeners, cleaning products ,and countless other applications contribute to environmental pollution. Fragrances often contain unnecessary ingredients and leave a significant environmental footprint.
The Challenge for CPGs
CPG’s companies face increasing pressure from the regulators and costumers to create more sustainable products. Eco-friendly alternatives are available , but they often come at a higher cost. Additionally, CPGs are hesitant to alter the loved scents of their best-selling products.
Regulations hurdles are coming
The IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter and the European Green Deal outlines several policies aimed at improving sustainability across the fragrance and flavor industries: Environmental Footprint Reduction, Product Safety and Innovation & Transparency and Collaboration.
The Power of AI Reformulation
Sustainability Starts Here!
Moodify is leading the way in sustainable fragrance solutions. Learn more about this fascinating technology and join the conversation!
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