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Mask bad smells with AI-based Moodify White

The launch of Moodify White at in-cosmetics Global marks the introduction of the world’s first AI-based algorithmic malodour control…

The launch of Moodify White at in-cosmetics Global marks the introduction of the world’s first AI-based algorithmic malodour control application.

Israeli technology startup company, Moodify announced the official launch of its Moodify White software solution for malodour control on the first day of the global trade show. Moodify White is said to be world’s first AI-based algorithmic malodour control formulation application.

The innovative solution has been developed to mask bad smells, enabling a quick, highly effective and component-flexible malodour control formulation process.
Up until now, existing formulas and malodour control solutions have either been chemistry-based and limited in functionality, or excessively intense and unpleasant. Moreover, the present methods for designing and formulating malodour control solutions require extended periods of development.

Customised AI-based formulas
Moodify White is based on more than 15 years of academic research and extensive development of Moodify AI-based algorithms. These algorithms easily generate malodour formulas that are said to outperform the best malodour control benchmarks created by any other supplier when introduced to the human nose, eliminating the perception of bad smells. The advanced algorithm selects the best combination of odour neutralisers, creating a customised formula that perfectly matches the target customer’s malodour requirements.
The final formula has the concentration of components needed to obtain the expected effect, and the material amounts can be updated during the optimisation of the composition. Regulatory limitations and price considerations are also considered to ensure that customers get the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Odour map
A versatile solution from a trusted source


Moodify White is ideal for a wide range of industries, including home care, personal care, household and industrial product manufacturers. By supplying a highly effective and customisable solution for malodour control, it empowers companies to create products that meet the high standards of today’s consumers and react faster to changes and customisation requirements. Applications include deodorants, detergents and other cleaning and personal hygiene products.
“We are extremely excited to launch this innovative solution at in-cosmetics Global 2023. Our customers who already receive help from Moodify White generated formulas, are reporting a significant impact on the efficiency to mask malodours,” says Eyal Maor, Moodify’s CEO. “Our advanced technology and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions make us a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance their customers’ experience. With Moodify, bad smells are no longer a problem.”
Moodify is exhibiting at in-cosmetics Global, the world’s leading event for personal care ingredients from 28 to 30 March in Barcelona, Spain. Visit booth #AJ90 for more information and to experience the Moodify White solution.

Originally published on B2B central

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