We Teleport Scent

From Scent Development to Delivery
This is just the beginning of the scent tech renaissance. In the near future we will teleport scent just like we stream voice, and send scent messages just like emojis.
Powering the scent industry with scent experience technology
Our multi-patented Scent AI (SAI™) technologies combine deep industry expertise with advanced machine learning, physics, chemistry and neuroscience to bring new scent experiences to a range of commercial, entertainment and communication markets with dynamic scent development & delivery.
Moodify’s Scent AI technologies revolutionize scent experiences from development to delivery

Scent Language Standard (SLS™)

Moodify has developed a groundbreaking scent language, establishing a standardized scale for describing scents. This innovation significantly enhances communication among product developers and simplifies the creation of new scent-based products. Our Scent Language Standard provides a framework that enables the efficient replication of successful scents tailored to specific preferences and requirements.

Our team of scientists meticulously curated the scent descriptors, drawing from extensive research and analyzing various existing scent languages. These descriptors were carefully selected, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable representation of smells in a quantifiable manner. Highly experienced perfumers have also given their approval to this meticulously crafted set, which is concise yet sufficient for accurate perceptual descriptions.

Through our scent language, we define a multidimensional and distinct olfactory space. The Scent Language Standard allows for mathematical and algebraic manipulations, enabling the recreation of scent mixtures and facilitating differentiation between various odors. We have extensively validated our language across different applications and products, yielding consistently satisfactory results.

ScentAI ™

Moodify has developed a range of advanced AI algorithms and functions specifically designed to work with SLS™ – our new Scent Language Standard. These tools empower us to anticipate the perceptual experience resulting from complex scent mixtures and comprehend the individual contributions of different components within the mixture, including their interchangeability. Leveraging our ScentAI™ tools, we optimize the exploration of the perceptual space, identifying compounds that closely resemble desired smells and facilitating the recreation of mixtures using primary components.

In addition to capturing perceptual qualities, ScentAI™ takes into account the physicochemical properties and the biological aspects of olfaction. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic understanding of scents, encompassing their sensory perception, chemical composition, and the mechanisms of olfactory reception.

This is how the ScentAl stack provided by Moodify empowers digital scent developers to effortlessly design scents and represent them as precise chemical compositions ready for implementation.


Scent API (SAPI™)

Moodify’s API was specifically designed to facilitate the seamless communication of scent definitions in a standardized format. This API empowers developers to effortlessly integrate our advanced scent technology into their own applications and enables them to establish a streamlined connection with scent delivery systems.

The ScentAPI offers a comprehensive set of methods that allow developers to send scent requests, retrieve essential scent data, and effectively manage scent delivery devices. Additionally, we provide thorough documentation and code examples, offering valuable resources to assist developers in seamlessly integrating our technology into their own projects.

With the ScentAPI, developers can harness the full potential of our scent technology while enjoying a user-friendly interface that simplifies the integration process and ensures smooth communication between their applications and scent delivery systems.


Dynamic Scent Delivery (DSD™) Technology

Dynamic Scent Delivery Technology enables product developers to create an enhanced and immersive experience by adapting scents to specific and unpredictable conditions. For instance, in a game, the scent can dynamically change based on the gamer’s chosen location or actions. Achieving this level of customization requires a software layer that seamlessly connects Moodify’s API with specific control and monitoring functionalities of digital scent delivery devices.

By incorporating DSD™ technology, we can address various parameters such as odor duration, flow rate, cartridge status, and fragrance material discharge. This software layer acts as a bridge between Moodify’s API and other technology stacks, facilitating precise control and monitoring of compatible scent delivery devices.

With Moodify’s Dynamic Scent Delivery technology, product creators can provide their customers with a truly immersive experience, elevating their sensory journey by precisely synchronizing scent cues with any virtual environment or content, fully embracing the scent dimension to enhance customer engagement and enjoyment.


Malodor Control Technology

Moodify’s digital malodor control technology utilizes Scent Language Standards and Scent AI. Our pioneering solution generates a masking formula swiftly upon submitting a target malodor, offering unrivaled speed in development, product efficacy, and cost control.


Our reformulation software enables a quick, highly effective, and component-flexible process, allowing perfumers to substitute components while maintaining the same odor profile as in the original formula.